Apr 15, 2019

The Case for HyperConnect


omeone sits at a café and stirs a spoon into a freshly brewed cappuccino. The creamy edges of the mug sit comfortably in the mild breeze. In the middle of an intimate moment of relaxation, this person pulls up a smartphone, and connects to a feed of content.

It is ridden with product pitches, political commentary, news, funny memes, opinion debates, and straight out popularity contests. The quest becomes a search for useful bits in a digital trove of insights, all designed to garner attention and steer people in the direction of a conversion goal.

Sadly, this is the best way to get "up to date" with trending topics.

At Interlink, we thought there was a need for a clear space of tranquility, without ads, and without noise. Not a replacement for the "feed" you might engage with, but rather, a small and very focused stream of ideas.

This is how we created HyperConnect. We began by asking ourselves: how can we be authentic about our communications, and at the same time, add value for the people who engage with our brand?

The result is very simple: We will post 1 article per week, representing 1 main idea we deeply care about. It will touch on things that escape your daily grind chaos, and deal with big picture problems.

At a moment where the world seems bent on closing up inwards, despite having the technology to remove barriers and interconnect positively, we believe in presenting an arc of narratives that augment our case for opening up.

We will share details with you regarding how we work, and how we see things that are shaping our future, such as regulation that threatens Internet freedom, or innovations that facilitate creating better data science efforts.

Our plan is to do this without ever "monetizing" this platform. HyperConnect is our little secret. It will never have ads, it will never collect information to serve obscure undertakings.

Think of it as an extended point of contact, one which matches the approach we have for Interlink Connect, an annual event we host where we invite our staff, partners, clients and other people to talk about failure.

Connect is about overcoming something that went wrong, and what was learned by doing so, while HyperConnect is about all the ideas that can help you succeed when you are in the midst of the dance.

Naturally, we expect our visitors and subscribers to use these ideas freely, and then come talk about them at Interlink Connect. So look around, lose yourself, find what is it that we can help with. Markets are conversations, and we are starting our biggest one yet.